iPhone 15 Pro Review

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Details Review.

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max release date 22 September 2023. With Apple iPhone 15 pro max colors have 4 new gorgeous finishes that are – natural titanium, white titanium, black titanium, and blue titanium. Choose one of them that matches your fashion sense. Whatever, let’s check out the specialty of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max details. 

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Black Titanium
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Black Titanium
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Backend
Apple 15 Pro Max Backend

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Details 

There is not a big difference between the 15 Pro Max and its predecessor, the 14 Pro Max. However, this one is more advanced than 14 Pro Max. In the case of design, it comes with the expected and professional design on the body. The body is elegantly enclosed with a sleek stainless steel titanium (grade 5) frame, complemented by Corning glass covering its entire surface. These features render it a more durable iPhone. It even has dust and water-resistant capability with an IP68 rating.

Display & Weight.

An expected display is presented on the 15 pro Max, which comes with a large 6.7-inch display that is super retina XDR OLED. The display provides a 120 Hz refresh rate with Promotion Technology, True tone, and color gamut. Additionally, it has a 2796×1290 pixels screen resolution showing content with clarity and good color accuracy at 460 PPI. Furthermore, the screen maintains an Always-On mood for showing basic information like date and time, even while your phone is locked.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Display 6.7"
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Display 6.7″

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s weight may seem slightly heavier, but only a little – anyone able to hold it comfortably, even hold it in one hand. As you can notice, it is slightly taller and wider when you compare this with the iPhone 15 Pro. In the case of dimensions, it measures a sleek 8.3 mm in height, an expansive 76.7 mm in width, and a substantial 159.9 mm in length.

Apple 15 Pro Max Camera.

On the top center of the display, the front/selfie camera is located that is equipped with a 12MP sensor with a 23 mm f/1.9 lens. Additionally, the front camera supports IOS and autofocus, which is why the camera is capable of taking detailed selfies in lighting conditions. It also offers portrait mode, portrait lighting, and depth control, as well as retina flash, photonic engine, depth fusion, and smart HDR 5. 

Like other iPhones, it also has a triple-lens

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Position
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Position

system with a flash on the back camera. Of those three, the main camera has 48 megapixels, the ultrawide camera has 12 megapixels, and the telephoto camera has 12 megapixels with 5x optical zoom. This camera supports night mode for low-light capture and also supports cinematic mode for creating professional-looking videos with depth effects. 

Battery Life & Performance.

From the predecessor, this one has an 18% improvement in the case of battery capacity with 4441 mAh. While you playback videos, it lasts for 25 hours, and while you playback music, it lasts for up to 118 hours. 

The 15 Pro Max runs on Apple’s new and fastest chip, “A17 Bionic,” with a 6-core GPU, which can handle multitasking and gaming — even, it also operates on the latest version of iOS “iOS 17“, which is upgradable to 17.0.3.

15 Pro Max Review Image


Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Full Specification

Oops! This iPhone doesn’t allow for expanded storage, which means there is no memory card slot, but it offers adequate internal storage, such as – 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB storage options with 8 GB RAM. This space or storage is enough for most users. Its sound system is good; it has a loudspeaker with stereo speakers, but unfortunately, the 3.5 mm jack is absent here.

In the end, this review of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max features with details are declared above, which is enough to make a decision whether to buy or not. But, remember, it is pretty expensive; according to October 2023, 15 Pro Max estimate price USA around $1,199–$2,399. 

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