HP Victus 15 gaming laptop Display

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HP Victus 15 Gaming Laptop Review i USA.

HP Victus 15 Display.

We have detailed information about the HP Victus 15 Gaming Laptop review price $620.00 in USA, including specific features, specifications, or reviews. Since this model have been released date 2023 September, or updated after that date, we recommend checking the latest specification and reviews, product listings on the our TECHPRO website.

HP Victus 15
HP Victus 15

When researching a specific laptop model, consider the key aspects mentioned in the previous response, such as performance, display quality, build, cooling, battery life, portability, connectivity, price-to-performance ratio, user experience, and additional features. This will help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and requirements.
here have some HP Victus 15 gaming laptop review (fb1013AX).

In general, when evaluating HP Victus 15 laptop display, consider the following key aspects:

Resolution: The  resolution HP laptop indicates the number of pixels on the screen. Higher resolutions, such as Full HD display size 39.6 cm (15.6″) diagonal (1920×1080) or higher, generally provide sharper and more detailed visuals.

Refresh Rate: A higher refresh rate, such as144Hz, can contribute to smoother gaming experiences by reducing motion blur.

Display Type: Different panel types, such as IPS IPS, micro-edge, anti-glare and 250 nits, 45% NTSC, offer varying levels of color accuracy, viewing angles, and response times. IPS panels are often preferred for better color reproduction and wider viewing angles.

Brightness and color accuracy: 250 nits measured brightness levels and look for information on color accuracy (sRGB or Adobe RGB coverage). A bright display and good color reproduction are important for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Adaptive Sync Technology: HP Victus 15 gaming laptops feature technologies like G-Sync or FreeSync to reduce screen tearing and stuttering during gameplay.

HP Victus 15 gaming laptop Display
HP Victus 15 gaming laptop Display

Performance HP Victus 15 Laptop.

the HP Victus Laptop performance details for the HP Victus 15 fb1013AX, as it have been released or updated after that date. For the latest and most accurate information on the performance, I recommend checking the below.

Processor (CPU): The HP Victus 15 (FB1013EX) model and generation of AMD Ryzen 5 7535HS Processorthe CPU. A more powerful and recent processor generally translates to better overall performance.

Graphics Card (GPU): HP Victus 15 include NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2050 Laptop GPU (4 GB GDDR6 dedicated)GPU model. For gaming laptops, a dedicated graphics card is crucial for handling graphics-intensive tasks, especially gaming.

RAM: the amount of HP Victus 15 RAM 8 GB DDR5-4800 MHz RAM (1 x 8 GB) and (Random Access Memory) and its speed. Higher RAM 8GB capacity and faster speeds contribute to smoother multitasking and better overall performance.

Storage: Look at the type of storage and its capacity. An SSD (Solid State Drive) 512 GB PCIe® Gen4 NVM, TLC M.2 SSD generally provides faster data access and quicker system responsiveness compared to an HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

Display Refresh Rate: If you’re interested in gaming performance, your need the refresh rate of the display. A higher refresh rate, such as 144Hz, can contribute to smoother gaming experiences.

HP Victus 15-fa0031dx specs
HP Victus 15 specs

Build and Design.

We have specific details about the build and design of the HP Victus 15, particularly the model with the identifier “fb1013AX.” However, I can provide you with some general considerations regarding the build and design of HP 15 Victus gaming laptops that you may find helpful when researching the HP Victus 15:

Build Materials: Gaming laptops often use a combination of plastics and metals in their construction. HP Victus 15 laptop make to same Materials.

Portability: Consider the laptop’s size 35.79 x 25.5 x 2.35 cm, and weight 2.29 KG, if is a key factor for you. Gaming laptops tend to be bulkier than ultrabooks, so finding a balance between performance and portability is important.

Keyboard and Trackpad: Examine the quality of the keyboard, including key travel, backlighting, Full-size, backlit, mica silver keyboard with numeric keypad, and any additional gaming-specific features. The trackpad’s HP Imagepad with multi-touch gesture support responsiveness is also essential for non-gaming tasks.

Ventilation and Cooling: Gaming laptops generate a significant amount of heat, so a robust cooling system is crucial. The HP Victus 15 on the laptop’s cooling solution, including two TPN-Q278 TPN-Q279 15-FAthe number of fans.

 HP Victus 15 Heat
HP Victus 15 Heat

Audio Jacks: 3.5mm audio jacks for headphones and microphones and Integrated dual array digital microphones.

Ethernet Port: For a wired internet connection.

SD Card Reader: HP Victus include 1 RJ-45  multi-format SD media card reader. Allows you to read and transfer data from SD memory cards.

I/O port.

HP Victus 15 Laptops typically come with a variety of ports and connectors to accommodate different devices and peripherals. Here are some common ports you might find on the HP Victus 15 or a similar gaming laptop:

USB Ports: One USB Type-C ports for connecting external storage devices, 1 USB Type-A 5Gbps signaling rate (HP Sleep and Charge), 1 USB Type-A 5Gbps signaling rate, with 1 AC smart pin, peripherals, and other accessories.

HDMI Port: For 1 HDMI 2.1; 1 headphone/microphone combo; 1 RJ-45 ,connecting the laptop to an external display or TV.

Kensington Lock Slot: A security feature that allows you to physically secure your laptop.

Power Jack: 150 W Smart AC power adapter for connecting the laptop to the power adapter.

Camera: These reviews often provide insights into the HP Wide Vision 720p HD camera quality, including details about image and video quality, low-light temporal noise reduction and integrated dual array digital microphones performance, and other aspects.

HP Victus 15 IO
HP Victus 15 IO


The TECHPRO website have some details about the battery performance 3-cell, 52.5 Wh Li-ion polymer of the HP Victus 15. this information can vary based on the specific model, configurations, and usage patterns. HP victus 15 battery life up to stan by ten hour, is influenced by factors such as the laptop’s hardware, display brightness, background processes, and the tasks being performed.


Wi-Fi: The HP Victus 15 of Wi-Fi supported MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 (2×2) for wireless connectivity. A faster and more modern Wi-Fi standard provides improved wireless performance.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth support 5.3 wireless card , which is useful for connecting wireless peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and headphones.

Card Reader: HP Victus 15 laptops include a built-in card reader for SD cards or other memory cards commonly used in cameras and other devices.

Webcam: the laptop has a built-in webcam for video conferencing and online streaming.

This gaming laptops have additional connectivity features, such as built-in microphones, RGB lighting control, or customizable function keys.

HP Victus 15 (fb 1013AX) Specification


How to open HP victus 15?

Opening a laptop, including the HP Victus 15, requires caution and should be done carefully to avoid damaging the device. Keep in mind that opening the laptop might void your warranty, so proceed with caution and consider seeking professional assistance if you’re unsure.

Here are general steps you might follow. Turn off the laptop and disconnect it from any power source, including the charger. Turn the laptop upside down so that the bottom panel is facing up. If your laptop has a removable battery, remove it. If it doesn’t have a removable battery, proceed to the next step. Look for screws on the bottom panel. They may be securing the panel to the chassis. The number and location of screws can vary, but they are typically located around the edges. Gently pry open the bottom panel. You may use a plastic opening tool or a credit card to avoid scratching the surface. Start at one corner and work your way around. HP Victus 15 laptops have plastic clips securing the panel. If you encounter resistance, check for clips and release them carefully.


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